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Fresco bike logo electric wheelchair.

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I walk in to buy an electric wheelchair. Easy place to try before buying a wheelchair, they got various..

– piqa moza


The best place for anyone looking for an electric wheelchair. In terms of cost this is undoubtedly the best

– Adam Ahmad

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Bought electric wheelchair for my dad.she loves it.sturdy,lightweight,foldable,fit into perodua alza.Dad is 90++ comfortable..

– Noratikah Cika

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The wheelchair (battery operated with remote control) works perfectly with reasonable price. The guarantee is

– Adam Ahmad

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buy this electric wheel chair for my mother who is going for umrah. Alhamdulillah at Fresco we can

– SS Love Cabinet

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When we talk about wheelchairs, everyone knows the benefit of wheelchairs for those who needed especially patients with disability, the elderly, handicapped people, and so on. Time goes by, wheelchair had been undergoing evolution along with technology. For some people, mobility becomes a problem and does not come naturally. There are some people who have different health issues or factors that affect their physical capabilities. Let’s talk about the types of wheelchairs on market nowadays....

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If you're looking for a new electric wheelchair, this guide should help you make an informed decision! There are so many different types of electric wheelchairs and it can get pretty confusing. This guide will walk you through the main features to consider when buying yourself a brand new electric wheelchair in Malaysia. We'll also discuss some basic tips to keep your chair in top shape and how much each type of wheelchair will cost you on average. If after reading this guide, you still have...

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Benefits Of Motorized WheelChair What do you fear most in the world? Some are afraid of the financial crisis, while some may be losing their loved ones. However, without both of them, one is still able to survive on their own. With their eyes, hands and legs, this is still something that can be overcome. But what happens if we take your ability to move around? Would you still be able to live? Well, this is where Motorized Wheelchairs come into place. If you didn’t notice till now, we actually...

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The standing chair is gaining popularity in Malaysia as a game-changer for people with impairments, transforming how they engage with the outside world and navigate their surroundings. This cutting-edge tool, created to help those who have trouble using regular sitting, is becoming more and more popular since it may improve movement and encourage greater...

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Discover the revolutionary patient transfer lift chair, a transformative tool that ensures safe, efficient, and comfortable patient transfers. Enhance patient care and caregiver well-being with its innovative design and advanced features.

The Evolution of Electric Wheelchairs in Malaysia

Fresco Bike, with a decade-long history in the market, is not only the best seller of electric wheelchairs but also prides itself on delivering top-quality products, accompanied by a comprehensive warranty, after-sales service, and readily available spare parts for all their electric wheelchairs  the best mobility for you What are Electric Wheelchairs?An electric wheelchair is a mobility device powered by batteries that is used by individuals who have difficulty walking or standing...

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For wheelchair users, stairs often represent formidable obstacles to independence and accessibility. Staircases in homes, offices, and public spaces frequently impede mobility. However, technological ingenuity has created an empowering solution - the stair climbing wheelchair. Let's explore how this specialized mobility equipment conquers steps and grants user’s seamless access.  What is Stair Climbing Wheelchairs?Stair climbing wheelchairs, also known as climbing wheelchairs or...

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Welcome To Fresco BikeTest before make a purchaseOur "Test Before You Buy" initiative is designed to provide you with firsthand experience of our product's functionalities, features, and benefits before making a purchasing decision. We want you to feel comfortable and certain about your choice.Overview of Patient Transfer Chairs Patient transfer chairs, also known as transport chairs, are mobility devices designed to easily move patients over short distances with limited personnel. They...

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Wheelchair stair climbers are motorized devices designed to provide enhanced mobility for individuals who use wheelchairs and encounter staircases in their daily lives. These innovative devices offer a safe and efficient way to navigate stairs and inclines without the need for assistance from others.The electric stairs climbing chair offers several advantages that make it a valuable and essential mobility solution for individuals with limited mobilityThe electric stairs climbing chair helps...

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Fresco bike Mobility for Disable on Off-Road An off-road electric wheelchair is made specifically to travel across difficult and uneven terrain, giving users access to outside spaces and movementThe Best FeatureConsiderations and important characteristics of off-road electric wheelchairs are listed below:To survive the obstacles of uneven terrain, off-road electric wheelchairs are often made with a solid frame and durable materials. To offer stability and traction, they frequently contain...

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Battery for Electric WheelchairThe most important part in Electric Wheelchair "battery" The type of battery, the user's weight, the terrain, and usage patterns are merely a few of the variables that may influence the lifespan of the battery of an electric wheelchair Technology of Electric Wheelchair More detail on the best new technology for electric wheelchair. From the scratch we give the detail to youQuick LinksEletric Wheelchair Lithium BatteryElectric Wheelchair Lead Acid BatteryCharger...
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11kg Super Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Experience the ultimate in mobility with our 11kg Electric Wheelchair.
Ultra-light and compact, it’s perfect for effortless travel and everyday use, blending durability with comfort for unmatched independence.

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