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Buyer’s Guide to Electric Wheelchair in Malaysia (2021 Edition)

electric wheelchair or kerusi roda elektrik in Malaysia

If you’re looking for a new electric wheelchair, this guide should help you make an informed decision! There are so many different types of electric wheelchairs and it can get pretty confusing. This guide will walk you through the main features to consider when buying yourself a brand new electric wheelchair in Malaysia. We’ll also […]

What Is The Difference Between Lithium Battery and Lead Acid Battery

When it comes to choosing batteries for powering anything mechanical, there is a list of conditions that have to be fulfilled. For instance, how much voltage is needed, capacity requirements and even cycle standbys? You may be wondering, what battery should I use? Well, there are many variations of batteries out there, and there are […]

Best Motorized Wheelchair for Hospitals

Wheelchairs are one of the most commonly used mobility assistance tools worldwide, and many people in hospitals are in wheelchairs for long periods. However, getting around in a hospital can be challenging, especially when wheelchairs aren’t designed to be used in tight spaces. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to get around […]