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Fresco Electric Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V13AH


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 39 × 40 cm

Product Description

Best Wheelchair Battery Electric Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V13AH

Electric Wheelchair Battery Replacement


Electric Wheelchair Battery Type:

There are two types of wheelchair battery in the market:

  1. Lithium Battery Wheelchair: high quality, charge faster, charging cycle is more
  2. Lead Acid Battery Wheelchair: quality normal like our motor cycle battery, charging time longer, charging cycle is less, battery itself is heavy. (of course, price is cheaper)

How long does electric wheelchair battery last

  • Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V20AH: estimate 30 – 35km
  • Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V13AH: estimate 15 – 20km
  • Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V12AH: estimate 13 – 15km

(Wheelchair Battery Lithium Life Span can last 2-3 year, some customers even use 3 years above)

Lithium Battery Wheelchair Charger: RM80 (Promotion)


Electric Wheelchair Battery Price:

  • Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V20AH: RM685
  • Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V13AH: RM550
  • Wheelchair Battery Lithium 24V12AH: RM510


Cost of electric wheelchair battery Lithium is higher than Lead Acid Battery Wheelchair because the life span of the Lithium Battery Wheelchair is 3 times of the Lead Acid Battery Wheelchair.


Initially my Electric Wheelchair is lithium battery, after three years my battery go dead, can I use lead acid battery because of budget problem? (lead acid battery tend to be cheaper and the life span also shorter)

Yes, you can change to lead acid battery, but your charger must also change to lead acid battery charger. (Bear in mind, you cannot use your previous lithium battery charger to charge lead acid battery)



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