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When we talk about wheelchairs, everyone knows the benefit of wheelchairs for those who needed especially patients with disability, the elderly, handicapped people, and so on. Time goes by, wheelchair had been undergoing evolution along with technology. For some people, mobility becomes a problem and does not come naturally. There are some people who have different health issues or factors that affect their physical capabilities. 
Let’s talk about the types of wheelchairs on market nowadays. You may notice a lot of users prefer to type of electric or power wheelchair today. Even though they are the same thing in purpose which is to help users move and ease their lifestyle. But some of them are multipurpose and some are designated for specific uses.
On other hand, when you want to buy an Electric Wheelchair in the market, there are a lot of things to consider before you decided to buy. When you make research electric wheelchairs, you’re likely going to find numerous different types of wheelchairs which are coming with various features. Then you should really find out what types of electric wheelchairs suit your needs.
Local Brand 
Fresco Bike has been 15 years Malaysia Market for which is become one of the trusted brands in Malaysia. When comes to product selection, of course, we as a user will choose the product from a trusted company, and the longer, they are in the market, the more trustable they are in the product. The feedback, testimony, and so on would help them in their research and development to come up with the improvement of the product itself.
Fresco Bike Malaysia become the leading brand for electric wheelchairs in Malaysia with a good record of product and service after sales. Many consumers give a good feedback about the product. 

Direct from the Factory
Did u ever heard about a company that has been selling any product, but they are just a middle person or else so call agent? Fresco Bike Malaysia is different because they offered their product direct from the factory. This becomes one of the good reasons why you need to choose an electric wheelchair from Fresco Bike. They don’t have to go through all the channels to produce their own electric wheelchair and for that reason, they can offer affordable prices with great quality.
our custumer are using Fresco Electric Wheelchair 18kg
Original Spare Part
One of the most common problems when comes to changing a part of your wheelchair is a spare part. Fresco Malaysia customer, they are always knowing that they don’t have to worry about the spare part of the electric wheelchair because they always know Fresco Bike Malaysia provide the original spare part. Some of the company, they can provide spare parts if something wrong happens to your wheelchair, but the originality? Some of them faced the difficulties they can’t find original spare parts, or they were given not the original ones.

Warranty Card
Fresco Bike Malaysia provided the original warranty card for some parts of the items as mentioned on their website. Normally they will offer a 1-year warranty on the motor and 6 months for the controller, charger, and battery (in general). It’s a good deal right especially as a user or potential customer, you always know they will provide the best original spare part if something goes wrong with the product. Worth it. 

Provide A Technician
If you use your electric wheelchair daily and have a lot of miles on it, eventually there are some parts that need to repair whether a simple adjustment or maybe some complicated things. 
Along with thereafter sales service, we also provide a technician for regular service checks. Our technician is an expert on our product, and we will be able to provide prompt service. Technically, repair service can be completed in a few hours and the only thing you need to do is, contact our customer service for assistance.

Showroom For Test and Ride
Some people, prefer to buy anything online and doesn’t really care about test or quality, but some people they more preferred to see, try, and have an experience with the product. Don’t worry about that, Fresco Bike also has its own showroom for the customer to test and ride. So, you can decide after trying the product and can ask any questions about the product. Check this out in our showroom HERE.
Delivery Service to Your Doorstep
For the Klang Valley area, we provide delivery service to your doorstep. If you stay within range of Klang Valley, you may request our delivery service. If outside of the range we provide delivery service based on the weight of the item purchased, we choose courier services like Pos Laju, Yamato, GDEX, Air parcel, and Amber Air Freight (Sabah/Sarawak)

Variety Of Electric Wheelchairs in Market
Frankly speaking, the normally most electric wheelchair has been produced and is only considered a basic need. But nothing can be one size fits all, every factor and specialty is different because humans have different needs and sizes. Some of them may suit the elderly, maybe suits children, and some of the patients for example patients who suffered from spinal cord injury may need different types of electric wheelchairs. 

One of the specialties in Fresco Bike Malaysia is, that there have varieties of wheelchairs on their list so customers can choose different types of electric wheelchairs they want based on their needs. All types of electric wheelchairs have different specialties and features. They have 19 types of electric wheelchairs from heavy-duty to very light ones. 

Fresco Malaysia Have Special Electric Wheelchair for Extra Size
Some of the electric wheelchairs on market nowadays more suit the normal weight of humans. But in Fresco Malaysia we provide a different selection of electric wheelchairs based on a few different sizes. They also have extra-large electric wheelchairs size the width is 46cm and extra-large ones come with size 50 cm width (3 models custom made 50cm width electric wheelchair)


For example, model FRH001Xlight comes with 18kg only and it is foldable. Very suitable to travel and compact. Another model CPW258 designated for children with cerebral palsy. This model is also very friendly with parents or guardians to take care of the patient.
We Have the Most Variety of Transfer chairs in The Market. ( 5 models)
Other than all the factors above, Fresco Bike has the most variety of transfer chairs in the market. They have 5 models for transfer chairs only with different features and categories. We recognize how vital mobility is for each of our customers and provide them with the most suitable for them
Okay for now, from all the factors we listed above, now we understand the things that Fresco Bike offered and the options available and now it’s time to consider the important part which is the benefit of an electric wheelchair. What is the benefit of buying an Electric Wheelchair?

As human beings, our mobility like the physical act of walking is a very crucial part of our life. Of course, for any normal people, it shouldn’t be a problem but for those who need assistance, having this kind of equipment is blessed. Using a wheelchair means they can preserve what little mobility has left for other activities. 

We talk about travel, okay, anyone with this problem will avoid traveling because they are not feeling comfortable and will feel inconvenient to moving around. A good quality electric wheelchair can make them comfortable and practical.

Having an electric wheelchair is independence. You don’t need to wait for someone to lift you up and move you around. You can be independent without depending on other people whenever you are. Your confidence level will be normal as others. 
Fresco Malaysia with 15 years of experience handling this kind of problem and they come up with a solution and great product. With a variety of options for electric wheelchairs, you can consider a lot of things before deciding to buy your electric wheelchair. Let’s arrange an appointment to test ride and walk into our showroom.

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