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About Fresco Bike

Fresco Bike is a leading online Store for Electric Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter in Malaysia.

Fresco Bike is the leading company in Malaysia specializing in electric bicycles and electric mobility scooters for elderly and mobility disabled people. For Heavy User, Travel onboard and also for OKU people.

We carried products under our own in-house brand “Fresco Bike” We believe the experience of buying an electric bicycle or electric mobility scooters should be an enjoyable experience where you should be able to see, touch, feel and test ride it. We provide good quality, tried and tested products at competitive prices.

OUR VISION: To become the sole distributor of electric bicycles and electric mobility scooters in Malaysia & South East Asia bringing joy, freedom and independence to all mobility disability people in the region.

OUR MISSION: We strive to be the retailer and distributor of choice for our users & customers. We offer the highest level of services and the widest variety of choice and providing the best after-sales service to our users & customers.

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