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The Evolution of Electric Wheelchairs in Malaysia

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What are Electric Wheelchairs?

An electric wheelchair is a mobility device powered by batteries that is used by individuals who have difficulty walking or standing independently. Unlike manual wheelchairs that require the user to propel themselves using their arms, electric wheelchairs use motors to move the chair. This makes them ideal for those who lack arm and grip strength.


Electric wheelchairs come in many styles with a range of features to accommodate different needs and preferences. Most have a joystick or other control to steer the chair. Many allow users to adjust the seat height, tilt, recline and elevation of the leg rests. Some electric wheelchairs can climb curbs, operate standing systems, and connect to smart home technologies.

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Benefits of Electric Wheelchairs

Increased mobility

Electric motors enable users to move at faster speeds and cover more ground than manual chairs. This allows greater flexibility to get around home, work and the community.

Less fatigue

Users avoid the upper body fatigue caused by manually pushing a wheelchair. Electric chairs let users conserve energy for other daily activities


Adjustable seats, ergonomic designs and suspension systems provide comfort over long periods. This improves posture and protects joints.


Options like standing functionality, reclining seats, elevating leg rests and programmable controls enable personalized setups tailored to individual needs.

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The Evolution of Electric Wheelchair Technology

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Lighter Materials

Carbon fiber, aircraft-grade aluminum and magnesium alloys enable lighter wheelchair frames. This enhances portability and battery efficiency.

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Advanced Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries provide longer run times between charges while minimizing size and weight. Smart battery indicators show remaining charge levels.

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Suspension Systems

Shock absorbers and anti-vibration mechanisms provide a smoother ride, protecting users from bumps and jolts. This enhances comfort on uneven surfaces.

Intuitive Controls

Sensitive, ergonomic joysticks, touchpads and breath-controlled devices enable seamless navigation for users with limited dexterity. Pre-set and customizable speed settings are also available.

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Some electric wheelchairs integrate Bluetooth and WIFI for smartphone control and connectivity. Users can change settings and environments using apps.

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Standing Functionality

Power rising seats or separate leg lifts enable users to move from sitting to standing positions, providing health benefits and accessibility.

Advancements in electric wheelchair technology have opened up a world of potential for users with disabilities in Malaysia. More customizable, responsive and intuitive chairs are empowering users like never before.

Electric Wheelchair Use in Malaysia

The electric wheelchair market size in Malaysia was valued at over $28 million USD in 2018 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 6% through 2025. Several factors are driving adoption in the country:

Aging Population: Malaysia has an aging demographic, with over 6% of the population aged 65+. Electric wheelchairs help older adults maintain independence.

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Aging Population

Malaysia has an aging demographic, with over 6% of the population aged 65+. Electric wheelchairs help older adults maintain independence.

Government Support

Tax exemptions on electric wheelchair purchases and government funding for disabilities aids make electric wheelchairs more accessible.


As Malaysia urbanizes, the need for powered mobility over long city distances increases. More public places also now accommodate electric wheelchairs.

Medical Advancements

Improved survival rates for spinal cord injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis and other conditions increase long-term electric wheelchair use.


Reduced Stigma

Greater awareness of disabilities and inclusive infrastructure are reducing stigma around mobility aid usage in Malaysia.

While uptake was relatively slow historically, electric wheelchairs are fast shedding their image as mere hospital equipment in Malaysia. Today, they have become integral for active, independent living. 

Where to Buy Electric Wheelchairs in Malaysia ?

Fresco Bike

Celebrating a decade in the market, Fresco Bike is your trusted source for electric wheelchairs. We take pride in offering 100% top-quality products, ensuring peace of mind with readily available spare parts. Plus, our exceptional after-sales service and comprehensive warranty promise you unmatched support long after your purchase.


When shopping for an electric wheelchair, key factors to consider are battery range, maximum user weight, seat dimensions, serviceability of parts, and any special accommodations like reclining or standing systems. Consulting medical professionals helps select optimal models and features tailored to one’s physical needs and environment. Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced staff, who are always on hand to help you choose the best electric wheelchair suited for your use.

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The Future of Electric Wheelchairs

Upcoming electric wheelchair innovations expected to transform the user experience include:

AI Integration

Wheelchairs could integrate machine learning and autonomous navigation to follow verbal commands and avoid obstacles. This promises more independence.


Fusion of wheelchairs with robotic exoskeletons could enable standing, walking and stair climbing.


Advances like solar panels, kinetic energy harvesting and wireless charging could eliminate manual battery charging.

Brain Control

Electrode sensors could enable thoughts to directly control wheelchair movements through electroencephalography signals.

Augmented Reality

Heads-up displays could project navigational cues, health readouts and environmental information onto glasses or visors

Soft Robotics

Self-balancing wheels made of soft, pliable materials could give more stable, comfortable rides.

Electric wheelchairs are achieving ever-greater sophistication through the integration of smart technology. The dream of truly hands-free, versatile personal mobility is coming closer to reality for the disabled community in Malaysia and worldwide.


Electric wheelchairs have progressed enormously from bulky hospital equipment to sleek, highly customizable mobility aids. Cutting-edge features that once seemed far-fetched are now within reach thanks to electric wheelchair technology advancements. For individuals with disabilities in Malaysia, electric wheelchairs are life-changing devices that restore freedom and expand possibilities. Continued innovation promises even more user-friendly, empowering and liberating electric wheelchairs on the horizon.

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