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Best Motorized Wheelchair for Hospitals

Wheelchairs are one of the most commonly used mobility assistance tools worldwide, and many people in hospitals are in wheelchairs for long periods. However, getting around in a hospital can be challenging, especially when wheelchairs aren’t designed to be used in tight spaces. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to get around your hospital or medical centre, a motorized wheelchair may be just the right tool for you.

Hospitals, you may want to take a look at us as well.

Overview of Electric Wheelchairs

First consider, why electric wheelchairs and not classic manual ones? If you are a patient in the hospital, wouldn’t it be nice to move around without asking for assistance? On the other hand, how many nurses would you need to hire just to push patients in wheelchairs around? In both instances, this becomes a burden for both patients and nurses. Hence this is why hospitals may start considering purchasing electric wheelchairs.

Types of Motorized Wheelchairs

There are many types of motorized wheelchairs, some of which are Folding Electric Wheelchairs, Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs, Heavy Duty Wheelchairs and Onboard Electric Wheelchairs.

Each wheelchair serves a different purpose for its users. Some are used for bringing onboard planes and some to carry overweight people, but for hospital wise, we suggest going for something more lightweight and easily portable.

How Much Weight Motorized Wheelchairs Can Support?

We don’t really have an exact answer for this, but most electric wheelchairs are made of steel; hence ideal weights weigh around 100 to 120kg. This really depends on the motorized wheelchair which you purchase as some may hold even less than mentioned.

Best Motorized Wheelchairs

Fresco Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Hybrid

A wheelchairs purpose is to serve as transportation for people. Not everyone is fond of classic wheelchairs as they require lots of strength from both arms in order to move their wheels. Of course, you could always ask others to push it for you, but who would have the time to do so 24/7. Hence here we introduce the Fresco Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Hybrid.

As the name describes, it is able to operate in multiple functions, manually and motorized. Powered by lithium batteries, you will be able to move yourself without the help of others. The battery itself weighs around 2.5kg, with the wheelchair being 20kg in total, making it easy to transport around. Hospitals need not worry about their patients being unable to fit as they have a max loading of 120kg.

The highlight of this wheelchair would be its auto brake system. So, how this works is when a patient loses control and lets go of the grip, the motorized wheelchair will come into a hold, breaking on the spot. This is ideal for patients who are experiencing disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder.

On the other hand, the sides of the motorized wheelchair can also be flipped up for easier patient transfer. Classic wheelchairs often pose a problem as moving a patient with sore legs often hurts them as they are forced to be carried forward from the wheelchair towards their destination. During this process, patients usually suffer due to the needs of moving their sore limbs.

In terms of price, it costs around RM5900.00; however, you may be able to get it cheaper here at:


Fresco Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Sport Rim Double Battery

Now that we’re done with hybrids, why not go for something which lasts longer. This is where we introduce to you the Fresco Electric Wheelchair Aluminium Sport Rim Double battery. By the way, there’s a reason why “Sport” was included in the title.

Considering you have a disabled patient who loves to move around. Surely you wouldn’t stop him from doing so just because it uses too much staffing or battery life on motorized wheelchairs, right? Worry no more, as the motorized wheelchair exactly counters that. With the two lithium batteries installed into the motorized wheelchair, it is said that it can travel to a distance of 30km. Of course, the max speed remains to be 6km/h. You do not need to worry about battery life as it can last for 3 to 4 years. Once a battery depletes, simply detach it and charge it in the hospital.

Same as the hybrid, it is able to load patients up to 120kg. This is due to the steel frames which hold the motorized wheelchair together. Hence patients who are overly obese do not need to worry about it breaking apart.

Prices for this go for around RM3591. If you are interested in it, you can also refer to the link below:


Fresco Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Magnesium Alloy

The final product which fits in our list may seem somewhat different from the previous two, but it is by far the cheapest of them. We introduce to you Fresco Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Magnesium Alloy. Although it may look big in size, you’d be surprised that this motorized wheelchair only weighs 15kg, including its battery. Just to let you know, the previous two weigh around 22.5kg with their batteries on.

It provides the same amount of battery life while speed is able to be adjusted manually. The bigger tires on the motorized wheelchair ensure that there is good stability when the patient is using it. If you worry about them falling backwards, you can rest at ease. This wheelchair has two small wheels attached to the back of it, preventing the patient from falling backwards if it were to happen.

The loading capacity for this, however, is slightly lower with a weight of 100kg. Though this should not diss motivate you from purchasing as it still serves a purpose similar to the ones mentioned before. If I were you, I would buy this motorized wheelchair to be stationed for younger kids. The red coloured seats are bound to attract these adorable ones.

If you are interested in this, you can get it for RM3950.00 at:



After all that, have you gotten any interest in any of them? Each motorized wheelchair mentioned above serves a different purpose for its patients. Hence it is essential for hospitals to understand more about their patients before purchasing any of them as they may be rather costly. Hopefully, through our recommendations, were you able to find the best wheelchair for hospitals.

Have anything in mind regarding motorized wheelchairs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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