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Benefits Of Motorized WheelChair

What do you fear most in the world? Some are afraid of the financial crisis, while some may be losing their loved ones. However, without both of them, one is still able to survive on their own. With their eyes, hands and legs, this is still something that can be overcome. But what happens if we take your ability to move around? Would you still be able to live? Well, this is where Motorized Wheelchairs come into place.

If you didn’t notice till now, we actually depend a lot on our legs. But some people aren’t so fortunate as they may have a deficiency in these parts. So what can they do? Fortunately, wheelchairs do exist to aid these people, may it be motorized or classic wheelchairs. With this, they are able to go to places and do most things which we ordinary people can.

However, you must be wondering? Wouldn’t Motorized wheelchairs be expensive? Which in that case, here’s what we summarized for you.

Motorized Wheelchair Price

Wheelchairs come in different shapes and sizes; hence the prices differ from there. The average price you can find for a motorized wheelchair would be approximately RM2000 and higher. To some, this may be not easy to afford. However, the benefits of purchasing it are apparent when it comes to comparisons with a classic wheelchair. Of course, you can always get a cheap non-motorized wheelchair for only RM179.00; however you get what you paid for, so do choose wisely.

Why Motorized Wheelchair But Not Classic Wheelchairs

If you are here reading this, we assume that you are either considering buying a motorized wheelchair for someone else or for personal reasons. Well, before we answer your question, ask yourself this, how much time would you need to move your sick patient around? As a patient, surely they wouldn’t want to just sit in their wheelchair, right? Everyone has a tendency to move around, and this becomes a problem for you. But what if you are the patient itself? As a patient, would you have enough strength to move around freely?

Of course not!

This is where the motorized wheelchairs come into place. They save your time and energy in travelling around and ensuring that maximum efficiency is brought to you.

And now for other features that may benefit you.

Motorized Wheelchair Benefits


There are many variations of wheelchairs in the world, some of which are installed with different attachments or utilities. But almost every wheelchair can agree on one thing. They are made to be powered by electricity and are easily portable. Compared to Classic wheelchairs, they are definitely going to be much heavier, but not to the extent which is hard for one to carry. Our motorized wheelchairs have a weight of 15 to 20 kg. To put that into perspective, that would be around 4 gallons of paint.


When it comes to purchasing a product, most people get hesitant in judging the quality of it. Due to various online scams, some products tend to use cheap materials. This causes an argument regarding the trustability of a product.

Hence we do suggest you get your motorized wheelchair from a reputable seller. A red flag would be listing it for cheaper than the market.

You get what you paid for; motorized wheelchairs are made with sturdy materials, such as aluminium alloy as support. Compared to Classic ones, these take longer for them to deteriorate and rust. In the long run, you’d be surprised that it’s actually more worth it to get a motorized wheelchair.

If you are worried battery wise, you can rest at ease. A 24V 12.8AH Lithium battery is provided with your purchase. You might be surprised that the battery has a lifespan of 3 to 4 years. Maybe, even more, depending on how you use it, that is.


Efficiency wise may be the most highlighted aspect of the motorized wheelchair. As mentioned before, motorized wheelchairs can be powered without anyone pushing. This saves time for people who need to take care of those disabled in a wheelchair. If you get a classic wheelchair, the chances are that the disabled will have difficulty using the wheelchair.

Putting motorized wheels themselves also makes it easier for patients to be transported on and off the motorized wheelchair. This is said because classic wheelchairs require the patient to stand on two feet forward in order for them to leave the wheelchair. This may cause a problem for those patients who need to have swelling on both legs. Carrying them up also becomes hard as a lot of effort and strength is necessary.

However, without our motorized wheelchair, this will pose nothing of an issue. This is due to the detachable sides, which enable you to move your patients feely. All you have to do is lift the sides up, and your patient is good to go.


This is most neglected by most people but rather important. The material of the seats will affect the satisfaction of the user themselves. Therefore most people who have never used a wheelchair often make this mistake.

The thing about Classic wheelchairs is that the seats are made of woven cloth with no cushion. However, our motorized wheelchairs are installed with cushions to ensure your comfort. Worry not of your cushions deteriorating; you can always send it back to us for a refund, though terms and condition applied.

One extra perk is that some motorized wheelchairs come with an extendable headrest. This is not included in all of them; however, having it as an extra would be rather neat. Though, that does mean a slight increase in price.

Where Can I Get a Motorized Wheelchair

If you’ve read till here, you’d probably be interested in motorized wheelchairs already. Of course, you could buy them online on e-commerce websites such as eBay or lazada; however, which ones do you know are legit and not a fraud? If you are interested, feel free to check out our website here. Though it is advisable that you purchase one which you thoroughly need hence more research is to be done.

Have you decided on which motorized wheelchairs to get yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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