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Freso Commode Chair Aluminum with Seat Potty


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 50 cm

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Commode Wheelchair Aluminum Wheelchair Toilet Shower Seat Potty with Wheel
Toilet Chair for elderly Malaysia | Shower Commode Wheelchair | Commode Toilet Wheelchair

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• Lightweight travel wheelchair ready stock in K.L Malaysia. You can visit our showroom “Fresco Bike” for best experience.
• Direct from factory with spare parts and technician for after sales service.
• Fresco more than 13 years in market.

Commode Wheelchair Aluminum with Wheel
• Total Length: 65cm
• Total Width: 53cm
• Total Height: 99cm
• Seat Width: 44cm
• Seat Dept: 42cm
• Armrest Height: 19cm
• Backrest Height: 39cm
• Max Loading: 150kg
• Product Weight: 7kg
• Shower Commode Chair Frame: composed of high-strength aluminum alloy, the diameter of the tube is 22.2cm, the thickness of the tube is 1.2cm, and the surface treatment is good treatment, which is beautiful and has good waterproof performance. Improve weighing effect.
• Seat Board: the open U-row seat board with seamless stitching which has high comfort and good waterproof performance. The seat board can be turned up to facilitate the toilet bowl.
• Wheels: 4-inch solid PVC 360-degree rotating wheels are used. The wheels have self-locking brakes. The overall height is adjustable in 5 gears, which is safe, quiet, and durable.
• Pedals: it is made of aluminum alloy welded, which can be disassembled and turned up. The front part of the pedal has ground support feet to prevent people from stepping on it and the chair will turn forward. The height of the support feet can be adjusted in 2 gears.
• Backrest: the backrest can be disassembled and has a push handle. The backrest is made of PE blow-molded board. The surface of the board has anti-slip patterns, which has good anti-slip effect and good waterproof performance.