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The Most Variety Transfer Chair in Malaysia

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Established since 2007 with more than 20,000 satisfied customers

Fresco Electric Transfer Chair Automatic
RM 2,095.00

NP: RM 2,795.00

Fresco Electric Transfer Chair Powered Nursing Transfer Lift Electric Patient Lifter

Model: Fresco-YW-1
Fresco Electric Transfer Chair is simple to operate. It can be adjusted electrically according to different heights of the seat, or fine-tuned to a suitable height to move, open the seat ring, close and fasten buckle easily, and perfectly cater to various body types. The seat is soft, with a load-bearing capacity of 150kg and high to 250mm, comfortable, safe, and easy to move.
Fresco Powered Nursing Transfer Lift perfectly combines with seat heights of various living and home furnishings. It can be combined with sofas, dining tables, beds, toilets and bathrooms.

•    New Upgraded Water Proof Electric Transfer Chair 
•    Electric Auto Control: The caregivers can easily transfer patients by controlling the lever up, down and locked. 
•    Reduce the cost of manual care
•    Help at any time, improve the efficiency of nursing
•    Technological care, reduce the nursing risk and prevent the patients from secondary injury in the transfer.
•    Improve the quality of life and dignity of the disabled, and promote the rehabilitation.

•    Voltage: 24V
•    Power: 100W/2A
•    Lift Range: 250mm
•    Load Weight: 150kg
•    Size: 95 x 60 x 35cm
•    Weight: 40kg

Gender Remind:
•    Do not put your hand under the seat while adjusting the height
•    It is strictly prohibited to operate the Electric Transfer Chair when there is object blocking, otherwise it will damage the transfer chair
•    Children are not allowed to play to avoid injury
•    Battery Need to be charge every month at least 1 time minimum 

What is included:
•    1 Fresco Power Nursing Transfer Lift
•    1 Charger
•    1 Lithium Battery (Already installed inside the Water Proof Box)
•    1 Water Proof Rubber Cover (Already installed at the control panel) 
•    1 Manual Book
•    1 Fresco Warranty Card

Warranty 1 year: Frame, Control Switch
Battery Warranty 6 months. 

Transfer Chair Stainless Steel Double Hydraulic
RM 2,350.00

Shifting Commode Transfer Chair Stainless Steel Double Hydraulic Bath Shower with Potty

Model: FDH003

  • Fresco Bike have at least 4 types of transfer chair in market. You can visit our branch in K.L to see Wheelchair Transfer Manual, Wheelchair Transfer Semi Auto, Wheelchair Transfer Auto and Wheelchair Transfer Stainless Steel Double Hydraulic
  • Direct from factory, we have spare parts and technician for after sales and service
  • Ready stock in Malaysia, send out in 24 hours


Elderly lifter patient transfer chair stainless steel


  • 304 Stainless Steel: water proof to prevent rust
  • Double Hydraulic System
  • Sponge cushion
  • Front and rear caster brakes
  • Multifunction: this transfer chair can be used for shower, table top (Reading or Eating) and toilet
  • Wheelchair transfer 180 degree open and closing
  • Backrest with double safety: safety belt and lock.
  • Transfer chair for shower, transfer chair to bed, transfer lift chair to toilet. This patient transfer chair can switch freely from bedroom bed, bathroom, study table, eating table to enjoy life with family


What is include:

  • 1 Cushion
  • 1 potty
  • 1 removable dinning board
  • 1 stainless steel double hydraulic transfer chair
Transfer Chair Semi Auto Premium
RM 1,999.00

Model: FDH002
Wheelchair Transfer:
•    Fresco Bike subsidiary of Fresco Malaysia 13 years in market
•    We are factory direct with spare parts and technician for after sale and service
•    Showroom in Kuala Lumpur: Fresco Bike. Welcome to see and test it
•    Ready stock, ship out in 24 hours.

•    Easy transfer patients or elderly from bed to multifunction transfer chair
•    Semi Auto: you can spin the double handle to adjust the height of the seat easily 
•    Reduce the cost of manual care
•    Help at any time, improve the efficiency of nursing
•    Technological care, reduce the nursing risk and prevent the patients from secondary injury in the transfer.
•    Improve the quality of life and dignity of the disabled, and promote the rehabilitation.
•    Quiet Wheel 

•    Max Loading: 120kg
•    Net Weight: 23kg
•    Seat Height above ground: 40-60cm
•    Seat Depth: 40cm
•    Seat Width: 46cm
•    Rear Wheel Size: 3”
•    Front Wheel Size: 5”
•    Carton Size: 56 x 41 x 81cm
•    Carton Weight: 30kg

What is included:
•    1 Multifunction Patient Lift Transfer Chair (Premium)
•    1 Potty
•    1 Cushion Seat

Transfer Chair Manual
RM 1,499.00

NP: RM 1,599.00

Product Description: 
•    Home Hemiplegic Patient Lifting Wheelchair for Elderly / Nursing Chair Lifting with Potty
•    Escort Artifact, Multi – Function Shifter, no leg lifts, easy movement
•    2 IN 1 Transport Wheelchairs & Commode Chairs 
•    FREE: 1 x Urine Tray; 1 x Seat Cushion 
•    Can be expanded 180°
•    A device that solves the daily challenge of people with disabilities or limited mobility 
•    It helps with transition from wheelchair to sofa, bed, toilet or simply any challenging situation in transitioning between seats.
•    Wheel: Use medical non-slip universal wheel, easy moving and silent foot brake.
•    Adjustable height accordingly for a better utility.
•    Convenient for patient excrete urine while sitting on wheelchair, easy to clean
•    Waterproof material convenient to clean by adding detergent into water and wipe it thoroughly. • Soft Cushion Padded, to provide comfort for prolong sit on it 
•    Environmentally friendly material, nontoxic and no peculiar smell.
•    Come with a cover anti-spilling design to prevent the urine from spilling out
•    Easy and hygienic waste disposal 
•    No need for electric / does no take up space
•    The whole experience makes you feel safer and more comfortable for lifting adjustment
•    Maximum user’s weight: 150kg 
•    Suitable for families, hospitals nursing homes and more.
•    Widened and strong force safety belt to lock the chair tightly close for safety purpose
•    With adjustable safety belt, which can adjust the tightness according to your need 
•    Come with rear casters lock brake for safety purpose

Buy one lifting transfer wheelchair for multi-purpose, more convenient than ordinary wheelchairs, compact and does not take up space, can be easily disassembled when going out, and easy to carr

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